June 2019 Newsletter
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June 2019 Issue
We enter June with exciting new product launches, great new tools to help you get the domains you want (including special release .UK domains), and the launch of the HEXONET Weebly Website builder. Enjoy!
Website Builder

Introducing HEXONET's Weebly Website Builder
Build websites directly from your HEXONET Control Panel!
With our new Weebly website builder, getting online and building a website has never been easier. Use the professional website templates, easy drag and drop tools, and near endless customization options to build the websites you want.
For every domain you have with HEXONET, launch a FREE website with the Weebly website builder - includes no cost web hosting!
Login now to create your free website.
Also view our fantastic optional upgraded priced plans, including one for a secured e-commerce site.
Resellers: with no minimum monthly requirements, let HEXONET take on the technical and operational complexities while you stay focused on your customers and business. Offer HEXONET Weebly website builder services to your customers and gain increased renewals and additional revenue!

HEXONET's Daily COM/NET Drop List
Interested in seeing and getting great domain names within hours of them becoming available? Of course you are, so we created the HEXONET Daily COM/NET Drop List page! Updated daily, view and purchase thousands of deleting .COM and .NET domains. This page is a must-add to your daily domain strategy, so check it out now and make sure to bookmark this page.
For Resellers interested in offering this dropping COM/NET domain names to your own customers, the reseller documentation and API will be available June 1, 2019 on the HEXONET Wiki.

Announcing the .UK Special Release Drop Page
Beginning on July 1st, 2019 thousands of previously reserved second-level .UK domains (like mydomain.UK) will be released for general registration. This is an incredible time to secure quality .UK domain names, that haven't been available until now!
To help you get the most of this release, we have created a special page to view upcoming releases and start placing your .UK special release backorders today! Start searching now and don't miss out on this rare, time-sensitive opportunity.
Note that in our domain search, these reserved .UK domains show up as special release backorders - making it easy see what's coming soon.

Get the domains you want! As an additional option to our existing Backorder service, the Backorder Lite feature allows you to place backorders on domains and we'll attempt to register the domain immediately when it becomes available. If no other backorders are already placed on the domain, you'll get it a great preset price. It is important to note that a regular Backorder overrides a Backorder Lite. As usual with our backorder services, your account must have the available funds at the time the respective domain name drops. You only pay if we are successful in registering the domain name and place it into your account. This feature is now live on our search!
Backorder Lite services are currently available for COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, INFO

Introducing the ISPAPI Premium DNS module for WHMCS
The Premium DNS module is a combination of a provisioning module and an add-on for our reseller customers.
The provisioning module supports registering and managing Premium DNS plans. The product management page in the client area includes the status of the plan, graphical representation of usage queries, a list of Premium DNS plans for upgrades, and more!
The add-on provides a user-friendly interface to efficiently load and import premium DNS plans. It allows users to compare cost and sale prices, while you can easily update prices by profit margin or sale price. More on this and our other WHMCS modules can be found here.
  • Promo Starts: June 1, 2019 at 10:00 UTC
  • Promo Ends: November 30, 2019 at 10:00 UTC
  • Promotional Pricing in ALL Price Classes: $2.26* (net price: $1.90) USD/Domain/Year
  • Promotion only applies to new 1-year registrations
  • Transfers and renewals are NOT eligible at promotional price
  • Premium Domains are NOT eligible at promo price
Make sure to check out all of our current promotions with over 200 TLDs on sale!*
See All Ongoing Promotions
Registry / Registrar Bulletin
.CA Backorders - Temporarily Not Operational
Due to technical platform changes with CIRA (The Canadian Internet Registration Authority) all BACKORDERING of .CA domain names have temporarily ceased to operate:
  • New Backorders for .CA domain names will not be accepted. Attempts to Backorder a .CA domain name will result in the error message - "currently not available".
  • Existing Backorders in queue are no longer valid and will not be processed. In the messaging and control panel you will see the message - 'Currently not supported' - for these .CA Backorders already placed.
Our engineers are hard at work to enable .CA backordering on the new technical platform at CIRA. Once operational again, we will make an announcement in a future newsletter.

New .IT Technical Guidelines Announcement
On May 2, 2019, the consent for publishing data of .IT domains in the WHOIS database became mandatory for all non-individuals. It is not possible to register or manage .IT domains if the registrant is a legal entity and the consent to publish the data in the WHOIS is not given.
Flag details are provided on our wiki and will need to be added for new registrations, trades, transfers, and existing domains if the registrant is a legal entity.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Price Increase for .CLUB
July 1, 2019
The .CLUB Registry has recently sent notification of three price increases over the next three (3) years. The first of such price increases will be July 1, 2019, when the price for .CLUB will be increased to:
  • Reseller Price Class: Increasing from $19.64* (net price: $16.50) to $20.83* (net price: $17.50) USD/Domain/Year
  • Premium Price Class: Increasing from $17.26* (net price: $14.50) to $18.45* (net price: $15.50) USD/Domain/Year
  • Platinum Price Class: Increasing from $15.35* (net price: $12.90) to $16.54* (net price: $13.90) USD/Domain/Year
Customers that have existing .CLUB registrations should consider renewing prior to this increase.

.VEGAS Premium Domains
August 1, 2019
Please note that HEXONET accounts had incorrectly displayed a total of 5 premium pricing tiers for .VEGAS premium domains. There are in fact only 3 pricing tiers and this has been corrected.
Please also note that the .VEGAS registry will be making the following changes to their premium domains on August 1, 2019:
  • Releasing a large number of previously blocked .VEGAS domains for registration
  • Removing many domains from their premium category and classifying them as standard domains

Price Updates and New Premium Tiers for .BEST
August 5, 2019
The .BEST Registry will be decreasing their pricing for standard domains effective August 5, 2019.
  • Reseller Price Class: Decreasing from $130.90* (net price: $110.00) to $28.56* (net price: $24.00) USD/Domain/Year
  • Premium Price Class: Decreasing from $117.81* (net price: $99.00) to $24.99* (net price: $21.00) USD/Domain/Year
  • Platinum Price Class: Decreasing from $104.72* (net price: $88.00) to $22.49* (net price: $18.90) USD/Domain/Year
  • Restore Fee for All Price Classes: Decreasing from $178.50* (net price: $150.00) to $107.10* (net price: $90.00) USD/Domain/Year
Please note that domains registered up to August 1, 2019 will be moved to a new Premium tier and continue to renew at their more expensive pricing. Domains registered between August 1-4, 2019 will be charged the existing standard pricing but then renew at the new lower standard pricing mentioned above.
There will be a total of 5 new premium tiers introduced. You will be able to view pricing details in your account on August 5, 2019

Price Increase for .TIROL
September 1, 2019
NIC.AT will be increasing the pricing for .TIROL domains effective September 1, 2019.
  • Reseller Price Class: Increasing from 33.92* (net price: 28.50) to 41.06* (net price: 34.50) EUR/Domain/Year
  • Premium Price Class: Increasing from 30.35* (net price: 25.50) to 37.49* (net price: 31.50) EUR/Domain/Year
  • Platinum Price Class: Increasing from 27.25* (net price: 22.90) to 34.39* (net price: 28.90) EUR/Domain/Year
  • Restore Fee for All Price Classes: Increasing from 83.30* (net price: 70.00) to 95.20* (net price: 80.00) EUR/Domain/Year

.VOTE/.VOTO Removing Eligibility Requirements
September 4, 2019
Afilias will be removing the eligibility restrictions for .VOTE and .VOTO on September 4, 2019. This means the registrant will not need to check the xflag X-VOTO-ACCEPT-HIGHLY-REGULATED-TAC and X-VOTE-ACCEPT-HIGHLY-REGULATED-TAC upon domain registration. These will become unrestricted TLDs available to all registrants.

Price Increase for Donuts TLDs
October 1, 2019
As an advanced notice, Donuts will be increasing pricing on standard domains for 225 TLDs in their portfolio on October 1, 2019. This will impact both available and registered standard price domain names. There will be no impact to premium domain tiers at this time. Customers that have existing registrations should consider renewing their domains prior to the increase. Watch this space for a summary of the overall price changes once we near the deadline.

Price Increase for .BIZ Domains
November 1, 2019
Neustar is increasing the price for .BIZ domains effective November 1, 2019. This price increase will apply to existing domains and new registrations, renewals and transfers from the effective date.
  • Reseller Price Class: Increasing from $17.29* (net price: $14.53) to $18.66* (net price: $15.68) USD/Domain/Year
  • Premium Price Class: Increasing from $16.10* (net price: $13.53) to $17.47* (net price: $14.68) USD/Domain/Year
  • Platinum Price Class: Increasing from $14.79* (net price: $12.43) to $16.16* (net price: $13.58) USD/Domain/Year
  • Restore Fee: No Changes to Restore Pricing
Customers that have existing .BIZ registrations should consider renewing prior to this increase.

Customer Service Holiday Coverage
Our German office will be closed for Whit Monday on June 10th during our regular hours between 7:00 UTC to 15:00 UTC. The office will reopen on Tuesday, June 11th at 7:00UTC. The office will also be closed for Corpus Christi on June 20th during our regular hours between 7:00 UTC to 15:00 UTC and reopen on Friday, June 21st at 7:00 UTC. All customer inquiries will be handled by our Canadian office during this time.
Laptop on Desk
With HEXONET's new Weebly website builder, you can now quickly launch a website for any of your domains at HEXONET.

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