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Imagine using Squarespace, Shopify, G Suite, and other popular web apps with your domain name in a few simple clicks, right from your HEXONET Control Panel! It's now fast and simple to connect a domain name to any of our thirteen (13) supported web apps. Whether you blog, plan to start an online store, or want a personalized email address, it's never been easier to customize and build a web presence.

For customers using the Control Panel, head over to the new Web Apps section. Here you can pick the web app that best suits your needs, and add, edit, or remove connections to the domain name of your choice. For API customers, all relevant API commands are available in our wiki.

Read our blog post to learn more about how you can use web apps and to see a list of all the web apps HEXONET currently supports.

If you have questions or feedback regarding web apps, please contact support at [email protected]