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HEXONET continues to launch more new TLDs on our WEDNESDAY schedule, including several highly anticipated new TLDs these past couple of weeks:

SUNRISE New TLDS                         General Available New TLDs                   
  • .cam
  • .blog
  • .doctor
  • .makeup
  • .网站 (.web in Chinese)

Keep up with the latest New TLDs launch dates with HEXONET's calendar here.


Spotlight on the .DESIGN TLD

.DESIGN has successfully differentiated itself among the several hundred new gTLDs available to consumers. From the creative portfolio to the digital storefront, .DESIGN is a home for the innovators, for the changemakers, for those who can’t help but create. It is a collaborative and global community united through threads of artistic creation. The word "design" is tied to millions of people and billions of dollars of commerce and, to that end, owning a .DESIGN domain name will be a serious boost to one's personal and professional brand.

Top Level Design LLC, which runs .DESIGN (as well as .WIKI and .INK) has done a fantastic job of attaining international recognition for this exciting TLD. According to Andrew Merriam, Director of Business Development, "Recently, there have been some really exciting developments for .DESIGN in particular. While it has already differentiated itself as one of the most successful new TLDs, it now seems to be one of the only extensions that is receiving significant traction with the world’s largest and hottest companies, which are creating sites like facebook.design, airbnb.design, medium.design, and telekom.design (from T-Mobile’s parent company, Deutsche Telekom). What these sites all have in common is that they create a prominent place for design departments to highlight their work, establish themselves as design leaders and further bolster recruiting efforts. These companies allow their .com sites to focus on their core business and instead facilitate an ancillary discussion: they discuss how design supports and guides their business, who is behind their design, and give back to the wider design community."

HEXONET has seen excellent uptake from resellers on this TLD. We are pleased to announce a special price promotion for .DESIGN, .WIKI and .INK starting December 1, 2016. See below for more details.


Shop 'Til You Drop: Take Advantage of our Special .SHOP Promotion

Whether your business is in retail, manufacturing, wholesale, services, consulting, or any establishment that sells anything, the .SHOP domain name is the perfect domain name for your promotions and marketing. The domain is also great for individuals who simply love to shop or blog about sales. Global e-commerce continues to grow at a rapid pace. And the massive shift towards digital buying has made it crucial for brands to sell online. Now is the time to leverage a .SHOP domain!

.SHOP launched just over a month ago. One of the key metrics of a new gTLDs success is actual usage in the marketplace. Check out these innovative websites that we came across:

HEXONET is pleased to announce a steallar promotion for .SHOP domain names.  The promotion details listed below.