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HEXONET continues to launch more new TLDs on our WEDNESDAY schedule, including several highly anticipated new TLDs these past couple of weeks:

SUNRISE New TLDS                         General Available New TLDs                   
  • .gmbh
  • .group
  • .ist
  • .istanbul
  • .ltd
  • .promo
  • .salon
  • .store
  • .tube
  • .mom

Keep up with the latest New TLDs launch dates with HEXONET's calendar here.


RIGHTSIDE PREMIUM DOMAINS - Save Hundreds and Thousands on a Life-time Renewals* 

Rightside is offering a very special promotion on their Premium Domains that can save registrants hundreds if not thousands on the renewal prices.  From May 16 through June 30th, any premium domain purchased at its regular premium price can be renewed over and over again at the promotional price of 12.50 USD (all price classes)*.


Register a Rightside Premium Domains at 12,500.00 USD/Domain/Year between May 16 and June 30, 2016.  Normally, renewing the following year will cost the same price of 12,500.00 USD; however, with the promotion period, the renewal cost is lower year after year at 12.50 USD. 

* A Life-time or the renewal promotional price is effect (including transfers) as long as the respective domain never expires and is never deleted. Also note that renewals at the special promotional price cannot be processed until after July 1, 2016.

Rightside Premium Domain Name Pricing Promotion*

Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in viewing the entire Rightside premium domain list.