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Latest New TLD Sunrise Launches:

HEXONET continues to launch more new TLDs on our regular Tuesday schedule, including several highly anticipated new TLDs these past couple of weeks:



New TLDs Surpass 2 Million Milestone:

The top 10 New TLDs: (source: ntldstats.com)

1. .xyz                                6. .photography

2. .berlin                             7. .london

3. .club                                8. .email

4. .guru                               9. .link

5. .wang                             10.  .today


New TLDs Calendar:

Keep up with the latest New TLDs launch dates with HEXONET's calendar here


Rightside Early Access Phase (EAP)

Leading registry operator Rightside is launching several new TLDs over the coming months including:


Each Rightside TLD, after their respective Sunrise period, will be available for Early Access Phase (EAP) registration (seven-days of early registration prices) before general availability. The Rightside EAP program is similar to the EAP program offered by the DONUTS registry.  There are no applications and no auction process for domains registered under EAP. Instead, EAP makes use of a descending fee structure over the seven day period. Registrations in EAP are on a first-come, first-served basis eliminating the chance of multiple applications for a single domain name. This means that domain names registered during EAP you simply pay the EAP fee for the respective day and the domain name becomes yours immediately.

Note: Early Access Phase (EAP) Restrictions: