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dot GL Added to HEXONET's TLD Offerings

HEXONET is happy to announce the immediate availability of .GL, the official ccTLD of Greenland, to the company's ever growing list of ccTLDs.  HEXONET through 1API, the official house registrar of HEXONET, is among the first registrars worldwide to be offering the .GL ccTLD to the public.

Pricing for .GL Domains

.GL Registry Information

If you have any questions about registering .GL domains, please do not hesitate to contact HEXONET at [email protected].


Is your Registrar Ready for DNSSEC?

HEXONET now fully supports DNSSEC (Secured DNS) for a number of registries.  Support for both DS based and DNSKEY based delegation ensure seamless interoperability with a wide variety of registries for today and in the future.  As DNSSEC quickly becomes a standard in the industry, HEXONET is committed to helping our clients utilize this new technology to add better security for themselves as well as their customers.

Currently Supported TLDs:

Industry Quotes About HEXONET's DNSSEC (1API is HEXONET's House Registrar)

 "We congratulate 1API for passing the DNSSEC certification for .ORG and applaud them for taking a leadership role in the European registrar community for supporting DNSSEC." - Alexa Raad, CEO of .ORG, the Public Interest Registry

 "As pioneer in DNSSEC, .SE welcomes 1API as a registrar that can offer DNSSEC to their customers." - Danny Aerts, CEO of .SE Registry

More information on DNSSEC and HEXONET's Unified DNSSEC API extension can be found in our Support Wiki.


.NZ IDNs Now "live" at HEXONET

The DNC (Domain Name Commission) office of .NZ, the official ccTLD of New Zealand, made IDNs available on July 26th, 2010.  Registrations using Māori words and names with the IDN characters ā, ē, ī, ō and ū are now being accepted. IDNs with .NZ domains not only function exactly as other IDN domains, but are also registered in the same manner.