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TERMINATION of DNS Resolution for CHINESE Resellers ONLY, August 1, 2011

As many of you already know, HEXONET in the past few months has dealt with several massive DDos attacks originating from China directed at domains managed by Chinese resellers.  Though HEXONET systems are engineered for scalability and performance, some of the best systems industry-wide, the size and nature of these DDos attacks are beginning to affect our non-Chinese customers globally.  In addition, the aftermath of such attacks are tremendously raising our operating costs with the added man-power, bandwidth, and upstream service provider penalties.

Again these attacks from China are unprecedented, generating an amazing 2 million queries per second per server, totally saturating network connectivity to our servers and even into our upstream datacenters.  This past attack generated a bandwidth of more than 80 Gbit on all locations accumulated.  In performing a full and lengthy technical review, its is clear that every DDos attack originated from China and was targeted toward domains managed by Chinese resellers.  As a result, HEXONET unfortunately, for the protection of our global network of resellers, must take action to prevent further damage.

Regrettably, as of August 1, 2011 the following changes will go into effect:
- HEXONET/ISPAPI DNS Servers will NOT RESOLVE zones that originate from China
- Domains managed by Chinese resellers still configured to use HEXONET nameservers or DNS after August 1, 2011, will fail to resolve
- HEXONET reserves the right to filter any malicious TRAFFIC from China

This TERMINATION NOTICE for DNS Resolution using HEXONET Nameservers is effective IMMEDIATELY and will take effect on August 1, 2011. 

To help and assist our loyal Chinese resellers, HEXONET is now offering a software that allows any Chinese reseller to easily maintain their own DNS Server on a LINUX operating system.  This software is easy to install and operate.   Use of this software requires the Chinese reseller to be running their own server hardware.  The software, the "HEXONET NameServer Manager", allows Chinese resellers to continue managing their DNS zones through the HEXONET Web Control Panel or via API as they have done in the past.

The HEXONET NameServer Manager is available for download at http://www.hexonet.net/files/dns/manager/.  Additionally, HEXONET will be providing technical support for any reseller needing assistance installing, migrating, or operating their own nameservers using this software.  As always for free support please email HEXONET at [email protected].

Again, this TERMINATION only effects DNS RESOLUTION for Chinese resellers.  DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION or MANAGEMENT IS NOT EFFECTED and Chinese resellers can continue registering domain names without issue.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.


终止DNS区域解析服务(仅中国代理商) - 将于2011年8月1日生效 

  在过去的几个月HEXONET处理了若干大规模的来自中国的DDoS的攻击, 针对国内代理商管理的域名。虽然HEXONET的系统设计有很强的可扩展性系统性能和一些同业最好的系统工程,但是这些DDoS攻击的规模和强度开始影响 到我们其他国家的客户服务。 此外,这种攻击造成极大的经济损失,如:工程师的人力增加,服务提供商的费用上升。

  这些来自于国内的攻击都是前所未有的,导致每台服务器,每秒200万个查询,完全饱和了我们的服务器和上游服务提供商的数据中心。 最近的攻击,累计产生了超过80千兆的带宽。 经过一系列的详细技术审查,我们发现每一个DDoS的攻击都来自于中国,而且目标都是朝着中国代理商管理的域名。因此,为了对其它顾客的负责和保护,防止 损失扩大,HEXONET必须采取行动。


  2011年8月1日起,所有国内代理商管理的域名若仍然配置 HEXONET的服务器或DNS将会无法解析。 *请注意:此终止通知只影响DNS解析服务。国内代理商的域名注册和管理并不会受到影响,其它服务一切如常。

  为了协助我们的国内顾客,HEXONET将提供一个‘域名服务器管理’的软件 (NameServer Manager),在Linux操作系统上让您轻松的维护您的DNS服务器。 该软件易于安装和操作,国内的代理商只需运行自己的服务器硬件。 HEXONET的‘域名服务器管理’软件将会继续允许国内的代理商通过HEXONET Web控制面板或通过API来管理DNS区域。

HEXONET的‘域名服务器管理’软件将于星期二,2011年7月26日,可供下载: http://www.hexonet.net/files/dns/manager/

此外,HEXONET将会为所有使用我们的软件的国内顾客提供技术支持和服务。如果您有任何问题请随时联系我们的服务联系邮件:[email protected]. (请写用英文,我们暂时没有中文支持)