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Servicephone - Added-value numbers

We are glad to announce that from now on, we will offer you another reseller-suitable service, which meaningfully rounds our product line for internet service providers: added-value phone numbers, such as 0900, 01805, or 0800 which is free for the caller.

Added-value numbers are used today in all branches, e.g. for fee-required support hotlines, free-of-charge ordering hotlines or participation on winning games by 0137-voting.

Especially for resellers, the marketing of added-value numbers was much too costly, because nearly no provider offers an open system interface which also supports full-automatical billing incl. itemized bills for sub-customer accounts.

We are glad to offer you today a highly automatized managing solution for German added-value phone numbers, with attractive payout rates within our XIRCA reseller system.

All managing functions can be done using the XIRCA web interface or by API command.

For scheduling, there is a intelligent system with many technical possibilites but simple handling. This e.g. means:

All those routing options can be mixed variously ("Between 10:00 am and 12:00 am only callers from the area code 0689 are allowed, which should be transferred to my mobile. Callers from other areas should be transferred to my private number. Simultaneously, between 11:30 am and 12:00 am, also callers from mobile phone networks should be allowed to call and should be transferred to my mobile after a 5 second delay time").

As well as the full automization of the technical routing, also the billing is processed fully automized down to the lowest customer level. So you just have to insert the minute fees (for 0800) and the payout amounts (for 0900, 0137, ...) per call minute at your sub-customers.

Together with the billing system integrated in XIRCA, your own managing effort for service phone numbers for your customers is reduced to a minimum.

As a special service for all users who manage at least one service number in his XIRCA account, we activate the XIRCA billing system for free, durable and without any restrictions. Please send us a short email to [email protected], if you manage a service phone number and want to use the XIRCA billing system for free.


To run added-value numbers using the XIRCA system, neither monthly fees nor minimum sales for a number will occur. Your account just will be charged with a one-time setup fee of 69.00 EUR (for 0800, 0180, 0137), or 99.00 EUR (for 0900). The occuring call minutes will be charged (e.g. 0800) or credited (e.g. 0900) onto your account.

0137-7 and 0137-8 ; 9

0137 numbers are priced for the caller at a flat rate per call and are generally used for services with short calling times, such as winning games, phone votings etc.

At 0137 numbers, the last digit is crucial for the fees the caller has to pay:

01377 numbers are priced for the caller at 0.98 EUR (gross), independent from how long the call lasts.

Your (net) payout per call for you is 0.55 EUR, deducting 0.05 EUR per minute for termination into the German fixed-line network (taking per second).

In the same way, 01378 and 01379 numbers are priced for the caller at 0.49 EUR (gross). The net payout is here 0.25 EUR, deducting 0.05 EUR termination costs per minute.


(negative values in all price definitions mean payouts)


01805 numbers are shared-cost numbers. For those, we only charge a one-time setup fee, after that there will occur no further costs.

A caller of a 01805 number pays 0.12 EUR (gross) per minute from the German fixed-line network.

If you are not directly the user of a 01805 number, but want to sell the number to your customers, you may set up a price using the price relation "0180_MONTHLY" (see below). This price will be charged to your customer's account monthly for using the number.


0800 ("Freecall")

0800, so-called "freecall" numbers, are free for the caller, the carrier of the number gets charged for the costs for incoming calls. Here you have to differ in the price whether a call comes from the German fixed-line network, a German mobile network or from a foreign country.

For calls from the fixed-line network, we charge you 0.07 EUR per minute, from a mobile network 0.25 EUR per minute.

Calls from phone booths are not possible due to technical accounting reasons.

During the first setup of the number you choose by your own if you want to receive calls to your 0800 number only from the fixed-line network or from mobile or foreign country networks.

Please notice that the connection of 0800 calls from foreign countries can not be guaranteed for all countries and telephone networks.



0900 numbers are used for premium services, for which the caller pays a high fee per minute, or a flat rate fee per call for using a special service, e.g. a premium support hotline.

During the setup of a 0900 number, you have to set up if the caller pays a flat rate per call or a fee per minute. Here you may chosse (gross) amounts of 0.01 EUR to maximum 3.00 EUR per minute, or 0.01 EUR to maximum 30.00 EUR per call, in steps of 1 Cent. The costs for the caller are related to calls which come from the German fixed-line network.

Your payout for calls from the fixed-line network is 72% of the amount the caller pays to the common carrier.


A calculation example:

You order a 0900 number which costs the caller 1.19 EUR gross (= 1.00 EUR net) per minute. Your payout amount is 0.72 EUR net (~ 0.86 EUR gross) per minute.

For calls from a German mobile network, the German "Bundesnetzagentur" created 9 discreet rate clusters. If you want to accept calls from mobile networks to your 0900 number, you have to choose the cluster which your caller should pay during the setup.

The (gross) costs for the caller, as well as your net payouts for mobile calls are as follows:

Rate clusterCallerPayout
TC-000.79 EUR0.08 EUR
TC-100.99 EUR0.25 EUR
TC-201.49 EUR0.44 EUR
TC-301.79 EUR0.60 EUR
TC-401.93 EUR0.70 EUR
TC-501.99 EUR0.80 EUR
TC-602.00 EUR0.99 EUR
TC-702.59 EUR1.09 EUR
TC-802.75 EUR1.18 EUR

For calls from mobile networks, only a pricing per minute is possible, no flat rate pricing per call like for fixed-line network calls.

But it is possible that a number gets priced per call if from fixed-line, and per minute if from mobile networks.


Please notice: Changes to the rates of a 0900 number after the setup are NOT possible, the rates have to be set up correctly during the ordering process.

The rates of the number will be announced to the caller automatically at the beginning of the call.