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New Control Panel Feature - Multiple Applications for Same Domain Name

As of May 1, 2014, under "My Settings" in the Control Panel, multiple applications (pre-registrations) for the same domain name can be enabled or disabled.  This enable/disable function is an important function to those customers who manage larger domain portfolios and multiple clients of their own.

Control Panel Location: My Account > My Settings > Domain Settings > EOI/Pre-Registration Settings

IMPORTANT! PLEASE CONFIGURE THIS SETTING IF YOU WISH TO DISABLE MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS! Please note that some registries charge a "non-refundable" application fee during Landrush.


Price Reduction of .GR 

We are pleased to announce a price reduction of .GR Domains.  Starting May 1, 2014, pricing for .GR as follows:


dot VG Registry Changes

HEXONET recently received notice, that the ccTLD of British Virgin Islands, .VG, has changed hands after the fiasco of the past year.  HEXONET via 1API is now in process of becoming accredited for .VG and we hope to resume offering .VG domains shortly.  With the change of hands for .VG, the pricing has also increased. As such when .VG is offered again (tentatively planned for May 13, 2014) pricing will be as follows:

Further changes: