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.EU Multi-year Registrations

April 7, 2011 is a special date for .EU registrations,  EURid, the official registry operator for dot EU, will enable multiyear registrations. Many registrants have long waited for multi-year registrations for .EU domain names, because of the management headache of renewing every year.  Now register up to 10 years and reduce the overhead of renewing or possibly losing valuable .EU domain names. 


.CO Decreased Finalization Period

We are pleased to be able to provide you a dramatically decreased Finalization Period (and Failure Period) for .CO domain names. With immediate effect you can decide up to two (2) days before the expiration date if you want to keep your .CO domain or not. As the anniversary of the .CO Landrush domains is approaching this adjustment was made just on time.

.SE Internationalized Domain Names

Internationalized Domain Names or IDN for short, refers to domain names comprised of characters NOT in the standard English alphanumeric list of a-z, 0-9 and dash.  Many of these IDN characters like ä or ö are important as they used heavily in major non-English speaking countries.  Even as early as 2003, registration of .SE domains with the characters å, ä, ö, é and ü has been allowed.

In summer 2007, the characters that occur in the official Swedish minority languages like Finnish, Meänkieli (Tornedalsfinska), Sami, Romany and Yiddish, were also added. And soon thereafter, characters from other Nordic languages became available in the registration of .SE IDN names. Currently, there are more than 44,000 IDN domains registered at the .SE registry and the numbers is growing.  HEXONET offers IDNs for .SE Domains.

Click here for a complete list of IDN characters covering all valid characters.