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Domain Certificates on Demand

Based on customer feedback, HEXONET has now made "Domain Certificates" (certificates validating domain registration) available on demand. Printing of a "Domain Certificate" can be done by simply proceeding to and creating your own "Domain Certificate".  The domain and its respective Authorization code will be required before the certificate can be printed on the fly.


Available Now - .net.RU, .org.RU, and .pp.RU

Resellers can now register .net.RU, .org.RU and .pp.RU domains.  Regular .RU registration price classes apply for these domains.  Act fast while your domain is still available!


New .SE Policies

NIC.SE, the official registry of the ccTLD of .SE, will be updating their "General Terms and Conditions" on February 15, 2011.  This policy update is to simplify and clarify registration rules and regulations for .SE domains.  Additionally, there will be new wording concerning alternative dispute-solution procedures (item 7), as well as, new clarification on the handling of personal information (item 9).  If you register or are considering registering .SE domains please read the new policies when they are made available at on Saturday, January 15, 2011.

.IT - Owner Update now FREE OF CHARGE

Owner updates of .IT domains can now be done through the "MODIFY" command and are free-of-charge. The domain's expiration date is no longer extended in such a case. As a consequence, the "TRADE" command is no longer required and will be rejected from April 18, 2011. Please note that the registry continues to send emails to the old and the new registrant and that the Authorization Code is changed upon a successful owner update.

Transferring a .IT domain and changing the owner at the same time is not possible. Instead, please use the "TRANSFER" command in order to transfer the domain first. Upon successfull transfer you can change the owner with the "MODIFY" command. Please refer to the HEXONET Customer WIKI for further information and examples.

.CZ Registry Price Reduction - Starting February 1, 2011

CZNIC, the official ccTLD Registry of .CZ, has announced a registry price drop starting February 1, 2011.  HEXONET is happy to announce that we are passing these savings directly to our customers.

As of February 1, 2011, .CZ Domain Prices:


Pre-Validation of HEXONET's .FR Trustee Service Starts February 1, 2011

As of February 1, 2011, HEXONET's .FR Trustee will begin pre-validating .FR domain registrations that use HEXONET's .FR Trustee Service.  Registration of .FR domains with the Trustee Service stay in requested status until validated by our Trustee lawyer.  Validation typically takes 24 hours during the week and can take up to 72 hours over the weekend.

Validation is required to ensure that all legal risks for our Trustee are mitigated.  Thank you very much for your understanding in this matter.