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Domain Backorders: Pending Delete Lists

HEXONET's high performance domain backordering service intelligently monitors expiring domains on behalf of our customers. We continue adding to the list of TLDs that can be backordered. Many registries publish pending delete lists that include deletion dates available for individual domains. We have made it much easier to download such lists within the control panel as you can now specify per TLD, premium domains or even per registry in the case of nTLDs offered by Donuts and Rightside. You can view these at: Manage Products / Backorder / Domain Backorder Admin / Download.


Donuts Delays Launch of 4 Chinese IDN TLDs

Donuts has delayed the launch of 4 Chinese IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) TLDs until further notice.  The Sunrise period has also been extended through December 31, 2016.  We will keep you posted as soon as we have updated General Availabilty dates for these IDNs.


Change of Currency for .AC, .IO and .SH Domains

We were recently informed, that as of January 1, 2017 the Registry Operator of .AC, .IO and .SH will change their currency from GBP to USD.  As a result of this currency change, the new pricing as of January 1st will be as follows:


Price Decrease for .CH Domains

As of Jan. 1, 2017 the following price decrease will apply for .CH Domains:


Premium Domains

HEXONET is pleased to announce the availability of PREMIUM DOMAIN NAMES for several new gTLDs.


Currency and Price Change for .SKI, .BIO and .ARCHI as of February 4, 2017

As you may know StartingDOT the registry operator of .ARCHI, .SKI and .BIO was recently acquired by Afilias.  Effective February 4, 2017 the registry will officially transition to Afilias.  In conjunction with the transition the pricing and currency for all three TLDs will change to the following pricing:

.BIO and .ARCHI Prices:

.SKI Prices:


New Change of Ownership Process for .FR, .PM, .RE, .TF, .WF and .YT - Dec. 12, 2016

To meet user expectations, Afnic is going to change the registrant change procedure, to make it simpler and more compliant with market standards.  As of December 12, 2016, the registrant change procedure will operate as follows:

From the technical perspective this seems to be a simple change from TRADE --> UPDATE.