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UniRegistry Aftermarket Domains Now Available at HEXONET

High-value Uniregsitry Aftermarket domain names are now available.  Clients and resellers can now buy premium domains that are hosted on the Uniregistry Aftermarket platform.  Until further notice only fixed price aftermarket domains are available at HEXONET.


.HK Renewal Price Increase - September 20, 2015 - Switch to New System for Better Pricing

HKIRC just announced a price increases for .HK domain name renewals starting on September 20, 2015 at 10:00 UTC.  Second and Third-Level .HK domain renewals will increase in price by 45.00 HKD (except IDV.HK, which will increase only by 15.00 HKD).

IMPORTANT ALERT! Those clients and resellers paying over 285.00 HKD for their .HK domain name are on our "old" system.  If you missed our repeated notices about transferring .HK domains to our new system, now is the time to transfer and receive better pricing.  For direct assistance in transferring, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support Team at [email protected].


.BIZ Price Increase - November 1, 2015

Neustar announced an increase to the annual price of .BIZ domains starting November 1, 2015.


.NET Price Increase - February 1, 2016

Verisign announced an increase to the annual price of .NET domains starting February 1, 2016


* The GROSS price includes Germany's 19% VAT; many resellers pay the lower NET price without VAT.