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Expression-of-Interest for newTLDs coming in VERY STRONG

At HEXONET we are amazed with the number of Expression-of-Interests we are receiving for the new TLDs.  Since launch we have already added a number of additional TLDs to our EOI System as well as reviewed our EOI Documentation.  Version 1.1 is now available for download.

More information on the EOI System can be found in our WIKI at

We will be adding additional TLDs to our EOI-System towards the beginning of December.


Price Reduction for .AM Domains

We are pleased to announce a reduction of pricing for the popular .AM Domains.  As of November 1st, 2012 at 10:00 UTC the pricing for .AM will be as follows:

Get your great Sounding .AM Domain today!


New Feature now available in your Control Panel

As of immediately you now have the possibility of exporting (downloading) various different lists from within your control panel.  The following tables can be exported into Excel Format:

The number of lines shown in the downloaded file is currently limited to a max. of 1,000 Lines.  In the event that your lists are greater than 1,000 lines, kindly contact our Support at [email protected] and we will happily generate the file for you and send it to the account holder email address. 


.GG and .JE Domain Transfers are no longer FREE-OF-CHARGE

Due to an error in how our registrar account was created at the .GG/.JE registry we forwarded incorrect information to you with respect to the billing of .JE and .GG Domain Transfers.  This error was recently brought to our attention and as such we have modified our backend for .JE and .GG Transfers.  As of immediately a .GG and .JE Domain Transfers is treated in the exact same way as a gTLD, meaning the domain will get renewed at regular pricing upon successfully completing the domain transfer.


New .EU Transfer Procedure goes LIVE November 21, 2012

The new .EU Transfer procedure taking effect on November 21, 2012 will follow industry best practices in that it adds a year to the current registration period of your domain.  In addition EURid will also permit you to either simply transfer the domain from one registrar to another or to do a transfer and owner update at the same time.  The auth. codes for .EU Domains are created on the fly by request and are only valid for 40 days.