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Lowest Price Promo - .ACTOR, .DANCE, .BAND and .ROCKS

  1. .ACTOR
  2. .DANCE
  3. .BAND
  4. .ROCKS

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.CN.COM - The Price is Right Promo

From June 1 through to September 30, CN.COM is at highly discounted rates.  

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.LA Price Promo  

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.US.COM Discount 

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.ME - PROMO - Make it Personal & get Your .ME Domain today - EXTENDED until 31.12.2015

Personalize and promote a domain that's all about .ME at an affordable price.


.CO.COM Price Promo


.FM Transfer Promo


.SPACE Price Promo


.WEBSITE Price Promo


.MOBI and Dot Chinese Mobile 移动 (xn--6frz82g) Price Discount  - Extended until 31.12.2015


Promotion on new Color TLDs:  .RED, .BLUE, .PINK, .BLACK - Extended until 31.12.2015 


.SHIKSHA PROMO - Extended until 31.12.2015

.RADIO.AM & .RADIO.FM Price Discount - Extended until 31.12.2015

* The GROSS price includes Germany's 19% VAT; many resellers pay the lower NET price without VAT.