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1. Deposits:

The act of pre-registering a domain is completely free. However, a week prior to the general availability date, HEXONET systems start reserving funds from a customer's account for use as a deposit. These funds are completely refundable and are automatically returned to the customer's account if a pre-registration is cancelled (not allowed during the last 24 hours before a general release) or if HEXONET fails to registered a pre-registered domain for the customer. If a domain is successfully registered for a customer the reserved deposit is used to process the registration. Please ensure that you account has sufficient funds in it to cover applicable pre-registrations deposits.

2. Previewing your Pre-registrations:

View your list of pre-registrations in the control panel by navigating to: Manage Products --> Pre-regs / EOIs --> List Pre-regs.  While viewing the list, the 'status' column contains important information about the stage a pre-registration is in:

3. Claims Notice:  (What to do if a domain has a TMCH Claims Notice associated with it)

The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) is ICANN’s mandatory rights protection system, requiring trademark(s) validation before registering for a domain in the sunrise period. This will allow companies to protect their trademark brand during the launch of the new gTLDs, and will be notified should a third party attempt to register a domain under the same trademark. The Trademark Clearinghouse monitors registered marks for Trademark Holders. Therefore, whenever a third party attempts to register a registered trademark, both the domain name registrant and trademark holder will be warned of possible infringements.

How the Claim Service Works:

Domains with TMCH Claims Notice Associated with It:

Claims Notice at HEXONET