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On February 13, 2013, Fadi Chehadé, CEO of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) held an interesting interview in which he announced that ICANN is targeting April 23, 2013 as the date where ICANN will make recommendations for delegation of the first new gTLDs.  Delays to this announced date are still possible due to factors outside ICANN's control. 

At HEXONET, we believe this news is a huge stride ahead as the newTLDs come to fruition. Please remember that there is more work to be done behind the scenes even before the first of the newTLDs are available for sale.  HEXONET will keep vigilant to keep our resellers and customers informed on the latest developments.


NewTLDs Trending High on HEXONET's Expression of Interest Service:

Some of the most popular NewTLDs are listed below.  These ranks are based on the EOIs received thus far at HEXONET.  Please note that HEXONET also accepts multiple EOI's for the same domain name for NewTLDs:

Top New Generic TLDs at HEXONET:      
 Top New Geo TLDs at HEXONET:
  1. .WEB
  2. .SHOP
  3. .STORE
  4. .SITE
  5. .ONLINE
  6. .HOTEL
  7. .NEWS
  8. .ONE
  9. .CLUB
  10. .SALE
  1. .BERLIN
  3. .BAYERN
  4. .LONDON
  5. .AFRICA
  6. .PARIS
  7. .NYC
  8. .NRW
  10. .VEGAS

Recently, some of the NewTLD registries have been releasing information, marketing materials, and even sharing their marketing plans.  As the information and documentation becomes available, HEXONET will be making it easy for our resellers to access these materials also.  These resources can be used by resellers as they see fit in marketing NewTLDs to their own customers.


EOIs for Geographic newTLDs:


EOIs for Generic newTLDs:


EOIs for dot IDN newTLDs:

.москва, .орг, .‎ابوظبي, .‎شبكة, .‎بازار, .‎كوم, .‎موقع, .कॉम, .नेट, .संगठन, .新闻, .游戏, .移动, .网站, .网店, .닷넷


Should you have any additional questions with respect to the EOI/Pre-Registration system, please do not hesitate to contact us.