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Donuts Sunrise Dates

November 26, 2013 - January 24, 2014:   


December 3, 2013 - January 31, 2014:  


HEXONET is currently in the process of becoming accredited for Donuts TLDs through our house registrar 1API.  Once accredited, we will provide pricing as well as additional information with respect to the various different launch phases.

IDN for Asia’s Online Market

Since 2006, online shopping has been growing in popularity worldwide and is now made even more convenient with the innovations of mobile technology. The greatest population of online shoppers are now coming from the Asia-Pacific region, the biggest being China, Korea and Japan. In a recent consumer report, 95% of Internet users in Asia will be making an online purchase in the next six-months (Nielsen Global Consumer Report), especially during Asian holidays which are now seeing more sales revenue than even major American shopping holidays - according to BBC News, Sales from China's "Singles Day" can exceed USA's two biggest shopping days combined: Black Friday & Cyber Monday.  

It's a great time to get on-board with the Asian market, especially as the new IDN TLD’s are scheduled to be released next year. Online businesses and services can completely dedicate their sites, URLs and content into ONE language. Consumers will have an easier time remembering a domain name that's in their own language.

Here are a few new IDN TLDs to be released in 2014:

Additional EOIs, as of December 1, 2013

Based on customer demand, HEXONET will be adding more nTLDs to our popular EOI offerings:


To view the complete list of all 559 nTLDs available through HEXONET's EOI system, please visit - .