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.BERLIN Registry Releasing 16,000 Street & Landmark (Place/Location) Names

On December 9, 2014 at 11:00 UTC, the .BERLIN Registry will make available over 16.000 domain names using street and landmark (a place or location) names. These valuable domain names, such as, and mü will be in high demand. For more information on these street and landmark domain names for .BERLIN, please visit .  

Google's New TLDs:

Google, the Internet powerhouse, now has a new division called Google Registry that is now actively operating a number of new top-level-domains (TLDs).  The Registry has already launched .みんな (meaning 'everyone' in Japanese) and .SOY (meaning "I am" in Spanish) and is planning several new TLD releases in the coming months.  The upcoming new TLDs are .ADS, .BOO, .DAD, .DAY, .EAT, .ESQ, .FLY, .FOO, .HERE, .HOW .ING, .MEME, .MOV, .PROF, .RSVP, and .ZIP.  Of these new TLD launches, Google's .HOW TLD is next and could potentially be in high demand. Check out HEXONET's latest blog post on .HOW.


Which New gTLD Registries are Innovating? Who is Really Differentiating Among the Registries?


With .CLUB ranked 3rd in total new registrations among new TLDs, the registry continues to push and innovate. In fact, they recently won two prestigious awards, “Most Promising New gTLD” and “Best Marketing of a New gTLD” at the most recent T.R.A.F.F.I.C conference (premiere domain industry event held in Miami).  It is at T.R.A.F.F.I.C that the .CLUB Registry also launched Startup.CLUB, a new service to help entrepreneurs grow and promote their businesses.

" is a new program to help entrepreneurs get a great .CLUB domain name and additional marketing and PR support for their business. With the growing popularity of subscription and membership based businesses (Birchbox, BarkBox, Trunk Club,, etc.) there are many startups that would love to use a great .CLUB domain name.  In some cases, a startup may be able to get a unique .CLUB name for a low 'general availability' price, such as did. In other cases, a company may want to use a high profile 'category killer' name for their business, such as  However, the higher costs of a premium name could be prohibitive for a young startup that is also funding the launch of a new business. With we’re making it much easier for great companies to get a great .CLUB name, by offering qualified companies an easy 10 year interest free payment plan.  In addition to the payment plan for premium names, members of the will also get additional support from the .CLUB team, including participation in advertising, marketing and PR programs and other benefits.  These benefits are available to any qualified business that is using a .CLUB name as their primary web address, even if it is not a premium name. was a big hit at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. and we signed our first partner there,!  We’re excited to see more innovative companies joining the"

Introducing OnGood

Public Interest Registry, the not-for-profit operator of the .ORG domain name, has unveiled “OnGood” - the new brand identity for the soon to release .ngo & .ong TLDs together with their accompanying suite of services. Set to launch in early 2015, OnGood is an online community designed with and for NGOs and nonprofits worldwide, providing them with a suite of online services to help raise funds, build awareness and support for their missions.

Key benefits of OnGood are to raise awareness of an organisation’s mission and to attract funds. To achieve this, OnGood membership includes inclusion in a searchable directory, a customisable online profile, and the ability to attract donations. Key features include: