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Release of a Million 2-Character and NXD Donuts' Domains - June 10th 2015

Donuts announced the availability of more than one million second-level names across their top-level domains.  These names include two-character labels (including ccTLD combinations) and names previously reserved as part of ICANN's "controlled interruption” program, meant to address name collisions.  Starting June 10, 2015, these highly prized domains will be released in staggered batches (subject to Donuts Early Access Program - EAP Program). 


  1. PHOTOGRAPHY Batch - June 10, 2015 EAP Launch

  2. BUSINESS Batch - June 17, 2015 EAP Launch

  3. GENERIC AND FUN Batch - June 24, 2015 EAP Launch

  4. TECHNOLOGY Batch - July 1, 2015 EAP Launch

  5. EDUCATION Batch - July 8, 2015 EAP Launch

  6. FOOD & GOODS Batch - July 15, 2015 EAP Launch

  7. SHOPPING Batch - July 22, 2015 EAP Launch

  8. PROPERTY Batch - July 29, 2015 EAP Launch

  9. BUILDING Batch - August 5, 2015 EAP Launch

  10. SERVICES Batch - August 12, 2015 EAP Launch

  11. HEALTHCARE Batch - August 19, 2015 EAP Launch

  12. FINANCIAL Batch - August 26, 2015 EAP Launch

  13. TRAVEL Batch - September 2, 2015 EAP Launch


All of the domains will be released to the general public through the EAP (Early Access Program) program and then subsequently available for general registration. We will upload the list of domains as they are received by HEXONET.   Once the list of domains for each category have been received and uploaded, you will be permitted to place pre-registrations for these 2-character and NXD domains. To see the specific domains to be released please visit our dedicated page here.