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"Domain Alert" has positive impact on revenue figures!

On August 22nd, 2007, we announced the release of a new Domain Name Feature named "Domain Alert".

Since the launch of "Domain Alert" we have seen a positive impact on revenue figures.

"Domain Alert" is an additional layer of security for the registrant. Upon making any changes to the following domain settings:

an email will automatically be sent to the registrant asking the registrant to confirm these changes by clicking on the respective link in the email. The confirmation page is under and will be kept neutral.

As the "Domain Alert" product has had such a good impact we have decided to upload any logos of resellers who are supporting this product under the "" website. In the event that you or your resellers support the "Domain Alert" and would like to have your logo uploaded onto this website, kindly send us the following information:
As the website is kept neutral, we encourage you to pass this opportunity on to your resellers.

Sales Tipps:
The annual price for "Domain Alert" is 4.95 EUR.

We have created "Domain Alert" logos which you are more than welcome to use. These can be found under