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HEXONET To Offer Innovative DPMLTM RightsideTM Service to Resellers as of March 3rd, 2014

What is the DPMLTM ?

RightsideTM will be launching its own rights protection mechanism for NewTLDs, the DPMLTM (Domain Protected Marks ListTM.). This allows trademark holders to protect their validated trademarks by blocking their trademark and trademark + item, without defensively purchasing domain names on every RightsideTM NewTLD.


How Does it Work?

 For brands that are registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), a trademark (TM) holder can use DPML to protect their brand across all current and future Rightside NewTLDs releases. DPML registration applies to an exact trademark match, a variation on a trademark or as a trademark plus a linked term. Currently, the Rightside DPML is available for a one-year registration term.  In a few months, Rightside will add the feature for multi-year renewals. Stay tuned for an announcement.

Key Benefits of a DPML Block:

Annual/Renewal Pricing for a DPMLTM Rightside - 1-Year Term:


DPMLTM Rightside Supported NewTLDs (Currently would include the following uncontested TLDs):