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HEXONET's Control Panel - New Order Process

HEXONET will be releasing a new and improved Control Panel order form on March 5th, 2013.  Based on the same order process available on our new website, now searching, selecting, configuring, and buying domains is faster and easier. 

1. Direct and single click ordering from anywhere in the Control Panel

Starting an order now is simple and fast.  No matter where one is on the Control Panel, the order button is prominently visible from anywhere.  The first tab on the main navigation is now the order button.

2. Single domain or bulk domain search all in one form page

Previously, ordering a single domain was executed on one page and bulk ordering was on another.  The new orderform has integrated single and bulk registration onto one page!

3. View multiple search results and order options using an single click 

With every search, the results are intelligently grouped into Popular, gTLDs, European, and more.  And navigating between these result groups is as easy as a single click.

4. Real-time shopping cart that updates on every order

Upon the selection of a domain, the shopping cart automatically and immediately updates with the domain, its price in your account's default currency, and the total cost.  Domains can be added or deleted from the shopping cart and be updated in real-time.

5. Single or bulk configuration all on a single page form

Configuring contacts, nameservers, and other parameters can be a hassle.  HEXONET's new order process places all these configurations all on one page where any configuration element can be applied to one or all of the domains at once.

HEXONET greatly appreciates all the feedback and suggestions from our resellers and clients.  Once the new order process is released on March 5th, 2013, all users are encouraged to provide HEXONET additional comment and feedback.