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.CO Launches with a Big Bang!

July 20th, marked the day when .CO became "Generally Available" to anyone worldwide.  The .CO registry launched with a massive bang, with more than 245,000 .CO domains under management within the first 24 hours!  Truly an amazing opening. 

With most relevant and good .COM domains already taken, dot CO Domains offers infinitely new possibilities and opportunities.  Since being announced in February, .CO domains have already received tremendous support and adoption from the business and Internet communities, who applied for approx. 39,000 .CO domains during the “pre-launch” phases.  Nearly 70% of the brands listed in the Brand Finance Top 500 have registered their .CO domain, including Amazon, American Express, Apple, BMW, Cartier, Canon, CNN, Coca-Cola, Disney, Ebay, Exxon, Ford, Google, Hilton, Honda, IBM, IKEA, Kodak, McDonalds, Microsoft, MTV, Nestle, Nike, Nokia, Panasonic, Pfizer, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Toyota, Unilever, Visa, Yahoo and many more.

More Than Just Brand Protection
Many visionary companies see the new .CO domains as an opportunity to extend their brand or expand their online offerings in a way that was not previously possible due to limited availability of .com domains.  Recently, the e-commerce powerhouse Overstock.com announced it paid $350,000.00 USD to acquire ‘O.CO’ to target new audiences and expand its global brand.

Unprecedented New Opportunities
Today’s Internet is crowded and lacking in opportunities for those who wish to establish a presence online.  After 25 years, nearly all of the recognizable or marketable .com domain names have been claimed, making it exceedingly difficult for start-ups and established companies alike to acquire meaningful domain names for their businesses and products.

Global Recognition
Whereas most other TLDs focus on a particular niche or region, .CO domain names – like .com names – are generally flexible for use in a wide variety of activities, including promoting companies, content providers, communities, contests and countless other applications.  The “co” in .CO already has broad global recognition as a pseudonym for “company,” “corporation,” and “commerce.” In addition, more than 20 countries around the world currently use “.co” in their country specific domains, including the UK (.co.uk), Japan (.co.jp), Israel (.co.il), and others, further fueling .CO’s global awareness and adoption. To date, .CO domain applications have been received from 113 countries.

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