.CM Go Live Scheduled Sep. 18, 2009 at 08:00 UTC Skip to main.

Early this morning Netcom.CM, the official registry operator of .CM, announced that September 18, 2009 at 08:00 UTC is the new Go Live date for second level .CM (first-come-first-serve registration of .CM domains).
Unlike previous attempts at Go Live, Netcom has decided to operate the registration platform on their own servers rather than with Cocca. The biggest benefit of operating the platform "in-house" will be better control and flexibility over zones for the registry.

HEXONET would like to apologize for the short notice from the registry; however, rest assure that HEXONET is ready. Over the next day we will continue to test and make sure all Go Live pre-registrations will be submitted correctly and on time.

.CM Go Live Prices:

RESELLER:78.54 (net price: 66.00) EUR per year
PREMIUM:76.40 (net price: 64.20) EUR per year
PLATINUM:75.45 (net price: 63.40) EUR per year

PLEASE NOTE: Your reseller account balance must have enough funds to cover the cost of all pre-registrations at the time of Go Live; otherwise, some pre-registrations may not be submitted. For all unsuccessful pre-registrations, all Go Live fees will be automatically refunded back to your reseller-account.