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“CATEGORIES” Add a New Depth to Domain Names

Wikipedia, tells us that: “a category illuminates a relationship between the subjects and objects of knowledge. Categorization is fundamental in language, prediction, inference, decision making and in all kinds of environmental interaction”.

Put another way, categories add ‘color to words’ they add context and meaning to nouns and verbs. Maybe unwittingly, ICANN, the body responsible for names on the Internet introduced something new in the arsenal of domain name registrants. In the ‘old world of the Internet’, almost everything had to end in .COM, now it can end in almost anything.

People buying domain names now have a huge amount of choice, not only can you choose your domain name, but you can choose the category extension that matches your market sector, your hobby, your location, your website visitors’ profiles or just choose something that sounds cool.

.BID, .TRADE and .WEBCAM are domain name extensions that are all self-explanatory and directly match the online activity of tens of millions of users daily:


.BID is the new top level domain name used to buy, sell or bid on anything on the Internet.  Whether it’s a bid on a new contract, of if you have a car or a house to sell, or even if it’s just excess stock – what could be more intuitive than a web address which instructs your visitors exactly what they need to do when they visit your site. With over 112 million users and $2,000 being traded every second on eBay alone, having a dedicated, trusted virtual space for auction platforms and marketplace sites, .BID provides a relevant and ready community for online bidding and selling virtually anything.


Stocks and shares, bitcoins, cars, stamps, stickers and clothing: online trading in any discipline of any goods and services is big business – the biggest business! The great philosopher Albert Camus exclaimed “You have to be very rich or very poor to live without a trade!” and the new .TRADE top level domain allows people instinctively to visit a website when they have something to trade, whether it be local, international, financial or just for fun.


By 2017, an estimated 66% of the world’s data traffic will be videoed and more brand owners are including recorded video and live online webcams into their business operations every day. In addition, personal online broadcasting is more popular now than ever before. The Internet allows anyone the opportunity to be a “star” in their own right. The problem is, if you’re a budding Quentin Tarantino, the next Steven Spielberg, or even the best live band that the World has yet to see, or even if you see yourself as the Internet’s answer to Piers Morgan or Jay Leno – how do web users know what they’ll see when they visit your website? The answer is simple, add .WEBCAM to the end of your domain name and what else could be hosted there than your unique broadcasting talent.

Marketing kits for each of these TLDs including banners, videos, logos and copy available via the HEXONET control panel.