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In exactly two months, the long awaited counterpart to .EU will be available for registration: .ASIA

Key-Systems is going to offer pre-registrations from Sep 4, 2007. Detailed information about prices and the pre-registration procedure will be announced in our next newsletter.

The introduction of .ASIA will last from Oct 9, 2007 to February 2008 and is split into the following phases:

  • Sunrise 1 (SR1): Governmental Reserved Names
    Sunrise 1 begins on Oct 9, 2007 (Tue) and ends on Oct 30, 2007. Then there will be an intermission from Oct 30 - Nov 13. It is designed for Governmental Reserved Names, which are focused mainly on geographical names and names that are relevant for governments in the context of the ASIA domain.

  • Sunrise 2 (SR2): Registered Marks (i.e. trademarks and service marks)
    SR2 lasts from Nov 13, 2007 to Jan 15, 2007 and is further refined into 3 sub-phases to provide a reasonably thorough program to allow companies to protect their marks and brands:

    - Sunrise 2a (SR2a): Early Bird Sunrise
    Domains eligible for SR2a must have a trademark application cut-off date of Mar 16, 2004 at the latest. Demonstrable usage of Mark must be provided upon request. Furthermore the mark must be issued and valid.

    - Sunrise 2b (SR2b): General Registered Marks
    The trademark application cut-off date is Dec 6, 2006. The mark must be issued and valid.

    - Sunrise 2c (SR2c): Extended Protection
    The requirements for Sunrise 2c (SR2c) is the same as SR2b. SR2c however provides Extended Protection for registered mark holders by allowing for registrations consisting of combinations of the registered mark itself and words from the class description of the registered trademark. For example, if you own a registered mark "ABC" in Class 1: "Chemicals" based on the NICE classification system, not only will you be able to apply for "ABC.Asia" during SR2a/b, you may also apply for "ABCchemicals.Asia" in SR2c.

  • - Sunrise 3 (SR3): Registered Entity Names (i.e. company names etc.)

    SR3 is designed for registered entities who do not have registered trademarks for their brands and company names. Along with the domain application, applicants must also upload an electronic copy of their business registration certificate (or equivalent) as documentary evidence of the entity registration.

  • If a domain name received only one qualified application, the domain will be allocated to the applicant accordingly. If a domain name received more than one qualified application, an auction will be held between the two or more qualified applicants. Auctions will be mainly conducted online and with a high level of transparency for bidders. More information on the English style auction model will follow soon.

    Please note that one of the domain contacts (Registrant, Admin, Tech or Billing) must be a legal entity in one of the jurisdictions in the DotAsia Community. Legal entity is defined as Natural Persons, Corporations, Government Bodies, etc. Key-Systems will provide a local address for domain registrations.